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    Post Brassington ROC post Derbyshire

    From my latest ROCA magazine I am pleased to say both the underground and above ground posts at Brassington have been listed, heres the story from the ROCA website:

    The underground post (8/32) at Brassington is within sight of the WW2 above ground structure which is one of the few brick built ones still in existence. It must be seen by the many walkers on the High Peak Trail but who are unaware of its historical importance.

    In 2004, as a result of discussions with the members of Ashover CROCA Section, we decided to try to get it recognised. A former Colleague put me in touch with the Derbyshire County Archaeologist who advised me to contact English Heritage. As a result of that, Frank Johnson (last Head Observer of 8/32) and I met up with Caroline Skinner, the Regional Co-ordinator for English Heritage. We had initially only talked about the WW2 structure but, when Caroline saw the proximity of the posts, she felt that both structures should be protected and recommended accordingly.

    Then all went quiet and information was very sparse but in 2009, at an event at the University of Derby, I managed to have an informal chat with Dr Simon Thurley, Director of English Heritage. He explained that the hold up had been caused by a change in the Government’s priorities but that action was likely in the near future.

    I am pleased to report that today both posts have been placed on the official list “PLANNING (LISTED BUILDINGS AND CONSERVATION AREAS) 1990 BUILDINGS OF SPECIAL ARCHITECTURAL OR HISTORICAL INTEREST”. English Heritage will also inform the local authority of Derbyshire Dales. It is interesting that an important point in favour of listing was the existence of the two sites, spanning two “historical periods”

    Heres some pictures of the above ground post from when it was operational and 2 of my own October 2009:

    Underground post

    Aircraft post

    Pictures of the above ground post from operational days

    Although the post has now been listed the chances of a restoration are pretty slim due to the post being partially flooded and items being stolen out of it over the years.

    See my and Tankman's repot from 2009 here:

    The ROC detective moves on now another post is covered
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    Default Re: Brassington ROC post Derbyshire

    Nice on BK, good that English Heritage are taking an interest!

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    Default Re: Brassington ROC post Derbyshire

    That is a really interesting place, love the observation post especially

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