RAF Upwood is an airbase which formed part of the USAs Tri-Base-Area along with RAF Molesworth and RAF Alconbury. Along with Greenham Common these bases were involved in major anti-nuclear protests in the 1980s. The US still has a clinic on the Upwood site which provides dental and healthcare for US military and civilian personnel stationed in the area, you can't mistake this bit of the site, just look for the soldiers with guns.

Opened in 1917, the base was used by the RAF until 1981 and then handed to the USAF and used by them as a satellite station for RAF Alconbury until 1994, it was then handed it back to the RAF. The base was finally closed and sold off in 1995. Today, most of buildings sit totally stripped and unused. there are a couple of tanks around to make it more interesting and it's in much better condition than some of the other abandoned airbases (Driffield and Binbrook for example)

The whole place is covered in wodden boxes for some reason and there seems to be a security / gatekeeper in the old guardhouse. A company uses the former technical area to recondition jet engines so no access there. This was a really quick drop in on the way to a job so please forgive the quality of the pictures.

More info on the base HERE

Standard design officers mess

Few tank type things around to look at, hatches have been welded up.

Big oven type things

Inside and outside some of the buildings