The site was established in 1937 & was originaly known as Mathams wood ALG ,Advanced Landing Ground.
Then in 1940 was re named RAF Sawbridgeworth .

A Sketch map of the Airfeild .

Also Google map link


Located between Sawbridgeworth & much Hadham.
In world war II it served Under the command of Northweald as a station with no hard runways.
So in that vain none survive.
Lysanders ,P-40 curtiss Tomahawk & the P-51 mustang primarily flew from this Airfield..

P-51 - Mustang

Medical buildings still exist at Parsonage farm /Clarkland Indusrial est .

Fuel store,Generator & a Grocery store are at Blouts farm.

The tower has sadly since been demolished near the location of Shingles hall farm.
But there are many buildings that do survive here and are still in use as industrial units etc..

The perimeter track around the airfield is pretty much intact going around the 43 acre site & runs through Mathemwood.
Where there are two Blenheim type Aircraft pens
As are a number of pill boxes,spigot anti tank emplacment & also an under ground battle HQ.
Now flooded to the entrance.
But interestingly have an offer from a guy i met who works near by to provide a pump if I will pay for the fuel in a few weeks as he`s always wanted to take a look himself.
An opportunity not to be missed & will up date so will wait out on posting any pics of it now.

It close officialy in March 1947.

Any way on with the pics & a respectfull rest in peace

The recently erected memorial.

The Guard room

Tech buildings

Dispersal sites were for the the spreading out of Air craft & personel over the site ,
so as not to provide a consentrated target if the Airfeild was attacked .
These areas had shelters to provide cover from bombing etc
Blast walls around the area where the Aircraft parked & bunkers for personel

They were acessed via a perimeter track which ran the out skirts of the Air feild.

There was even a cinima & entertainment center on station that after the war was dismantalled brick by brick
& re built and today serves as a civic center in Forebury Sawbridgeworth.

There are a number of pill boxes providing protection to the Airfeild ringing the location as well as other defensive positions

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