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    Visited Drakelow Tunnels a few weeks ago, on a Sub Brit visit
    It was a chilly morning when I entered the tunnels, minus 6 outside but a reasonable 40 degrees inside
    Walked the tunnels from 09.00 - 17.00, mostly in the dark along with around 100 other SB members, we had a visit "all areas" pass so off I went

    The RSG occupies only a small piece of this massive underground conplex but much remains

    A bit of info here:

    One of three entrances that originally formed part of the WW2 Rover engine complex.

    One of the many tunnels that extends to some 3.5 miles in length

    Remains of the RSG's Kitchen complex still in situ in the tunnels.

    Signage abounds in offices in the side tunnels. The paraffin heaters are a bit strange though?

    Brand new "ER" Asbestos blankets lay around amongst old decaying NBC air filters. The remaining Cold War equipment, is dispersed amongst a lot of original WW2 equipment as well.

    Original "Rover " Works clock of WW2 vintage.

    The "mega" big Air circulation fan for the complex, now rusted solid

    Remains of BBC recording studio. Hard to think that the end of the world would have eminated from here

    Stud partitioned walls were built in the former WW2 tunnels to accomodate staff rooms and sleeping quarters. The only problem was its damp in the tunnels and plaster board does not go down to well with damp

    CND broke into the bunker at some point and left there mark!

    The remains of the old Bunker Emergency Telephone exchange. It really was this dark

    A rare pair of Mercury Arc Rectifiers were found in one of the abandoned rooms

    Part of a false ceiling inside one of the tunnels of the RSG.

    The tunnel complex is huge, if you get the chance to visit the tunnels, "GO" its an amazing experience

    Loads more pics can be found here:

    Thanks for looking
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