Visited with Alley. A former DSS office built in the fifties but due for demolition. Despite the fact that it wasn't as old as some of the structures I've visited, it was a beautiful building with some wonderful curved shapes.

I never had a good relationship with The Job Centre whilst out of work. In fact I was rather amused to be in a derelict job centre and to have made an epic effort to get into a place that, when used for its full purpose, I hope never to have to deal with again. The only evidence of previous Job Centre use were the wooden signs on walls.

Aytoun Job Centre offered a place in the centre of the bustling city yet set apart from the chaos. You could look down onto the streets and listen to voices of passers-by whilst cocooned in the comforting darkness. Wonderful views could be enjoyed from the rooftop (just mind the hole) and sometimes you had some randoms in the hotel looking in puzzlement as to why the heck there were two people on the roof with cameras. The play of orange light from flourescent bulbs through the windows was in some places stunning.

I was delighted that night to have found the setting on my camera that allowed me to photograph light streaming through windows. Despite having had the geriatric camera for about five years, I never knew exactly how to use the thing and not really being a photographer never really sat down to actively learn.

I was utterly frozen that night but I had a wonderful time there. After the entire weekend in Manchester I was completely drained and glad I took Monday off to recover. I had taken Monday off largely because it was my birthday and even though I don't really celebrate it, the gift of being able to sit still/do nothing and NOT due to being ill was a much appreciated one. There was no urge in me to carry out anything either useful or pointless tasks to fill the void that my brain appears to revolt against during low mental stimulation. If you are one of those gifted people who are patient and can just sit there and do nothing, you'll possibly never understand what a relief this was to me.

I believe I can fly...or at least security do judging by the fact that every window on this floor was boarded. Never know when we may sprout wings and try those higher storeys!

These blinds emanated the light really nicely.

Despite the illuminated windows, it was in fact just street light shining in.

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