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15-09-2010, 09:25 PM
Lancaster Castle station opened on the 22nd September 1846. Although the station is very much live, much of the south wing has been abandoned since the late 1980's. I'm in Lancaster for the night, and as a former resident (not of the Moor) it seemed rude not to check out this place on the Heritage Open Weekend.
The last time I was here was the mid 1990's as a student with my long hair and poor clothes. Today, little had changed, except my hair was shorter.

Much of this side is empty, and so always worth a look. In one of the downstairs rooms was an old platform weighing scale. I didn't get on, for fear of breaking it.

Various offices were empty on the first floor which was a shame.
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4084/4993453642_07508940a6.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4133/4993454316_88b5cfd679.jpg

Here is some poor wallpaper that is peeling off the wall. You might be able to see it for yourself if you look very closely at the picture.

I'm not sure what this office was all about. I removed my trousers and pants just in case.

In case you had forgotten, this was a railway building. (I had) This served as a reminder.

I had hoped to go up the tower, and was excited to see that this could happen. Sadly, a railway servant died on the staircase over a hundred years ago, resulting in the lower section being sealed. His ghost is said to still walk the steps. Today there was no sign of the ghost, although there was a sign saying "no stilettos". I guess this was to avoid another tragic death during the Open Day. Luckily I had removed mine along with my trousers and pants in the Examinations room. I climbed carefully to the top floor.

A quick shot of a chair and the haunted spiral staircase.
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4152/4992848255_e1d85727ac.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4089/4992849489_857bc8ef0e.jpg

Up on the roof.

I would love one of these in my car. Can you imagine the fun at traffic lights?

I said this was called Castle Station. It is 300 yards from the prison, a wonderful castle. (Apparently the college used to play football against the cons in the 70's, and had the corner flags were screws, who would chase after any runners)Although it was 1856 (10 years after this place opened) that the final public hanging took place here, they continued to hang prisoners inside the castle walls until 1910. The hangman would arrive on the train and be greeted by a large crowd of spectators.
A view of the station. The bit you have just seen is the left hand buildings. Or platform 3 if you are traveling by rail.

For reference, there looks to be so much good stuff in Lancaster to explore. I didn't do any however.

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Mate, that's just great. I love it.

I too would like a Ditra in my car :thumb

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Like the staircase. Kirkgate has some abandoned areas too. Ok, so whats a ditra exactly? :lol:

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The comedy moments in your reports always seem to make me wet my pants. Perhaps I too should have removed them first :thumb

Great stuff mate. Love it :)

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good report and pics as always mr frenzy

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Good stuff. I like the spiral staircase, so am glad you remembered to add the pic :smile

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Really like this boxfrenzy :)

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good work mr frenzy..the staircase and the examination room looked kewl¬!

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Excellent work there fella! :thumb Always like to see your reports. :D

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Good stuff mate

Midnight Rambler
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Good stuff. I like the spiral staircase, so am glad you remembered to add the pic :smile

I agree with evilnoodle, love the spiral staircase.

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lovely pics staircase is great :)

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Brill stuff in every way BF :thumb I had a quick look at Lancaster on the way back from the lakes and it certainly does look like there's lots to see (and do).

I've always favoured a black stiletto myself. Multi- tasking :lol: