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Midnight Rambler
14-09-2010, 01:10 PM
Visited here a couple of years ago, going back this year to take pictures with a better camera as the one I used here ended up being the camera I least liked. For me this site was a highlight because I enjoy churches and architecture and it's easy to see how striking this place would have been. I wish I had something to show to show you the size of the church but I think there's a couple of people in one or two shots that might convey the size a bit. On to the copypasta.

Abo State Monument. Ruins left by former tompiros division of the Pito Indians, on Arroyo Empedradillo. First mentioned in 1598 by Juan de Onate. Became seat of Mission of San Gregorio, founded 1629 by Fray Francisco de Acevedo, who erected a large chruch and monastery, the walls of which are still standing. Abo is shown on L'Atlas Cirieux (1700). Population during early mission days was probably two thousand. Prior to the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680, the village was abandoned because of Apache raids. The ruins have been excavated by the Museum of New Mexico and were declared a state monument on August 30, 1939. Abo is said to have been dedicated to San Gregorio, patron saint of the old city of Abo, Finland, but the name is a Piro Indian word used for the pueblo in 1598, whereas the mission was not established until thirty years afterward. Settlement takes its name for the state monument.












For the rest of the same pictures:


There's another site near here that I'm checking out in October and I hope it's as nice as this one. The state has spent some money keeping this site alive and it's well worth checking out. :)