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01-09-2010, 06:12 PM
after id explored my old school in knew i couldnt just walk away without at least trying to get inside here

id recieved a txt in the morning telling me that demo had started on the school (a bit later than already sheduled) so i decided to go check it out.

sure enough demo has started (on the infant block) so i dropped by and sat outside watching them tear it down for a bit until i decided sod it now or never i had to see inside this church so i went away and came back a little while later.....

a while later and after scanning around the church i had a little plan and put it into practise with a few hours to spare until i was meeting up with kevsy21 to go mooching round liverpool i gave it a shot ......high viz/hard hat/safety boots (details in the last pic)

not much i know its pretty much stripped and ready to go but theres so many memories for me in this place


sure enough demo had started


my first glimpse as i entered inside .....last time i was in here was for the leavers mass 1988..
the upper gallery was for the school choir it surprisingly still had the organ there along with the rope for ringing the church bell
the 2 doors boarded up to the right of the picture was the access from the school to the church but after the church closed 9yrs ago the doors were taken off and boarded up

this was where you got baptised its long been stripped but this made for a rather nice photo

confession booths

the room to the right of this pic at the back was for parents with kids and if they started crying during service they would go in here and closed the door so they wernt disturbing everybody else...there was an raised alter just where i was standing and now its been removed it shows some of the building original floor tilling

this was the front entrance it was closed off not long after i started on the grounds of health and safety the stairs leading up was deemed to steep for the likes of the elderly so they closed that and used a side door instead (can be seen in the first pic although they dont look as steep in that)

not many reminders left lying round apart from this little inscription

nice peely paint

the upper gallery/choir area im sure this wasnt an original feature although it was there when i used to go the school it seems odd with the way the windows are


church organ...this was a really nice find

gallery looking left

and dead ahead


hes behind you.....

St Malachy's 1910-2010

25-09-2010, 10:38 PM
went bk today with kevsy21 and this was the scene