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crippletron 3000
27-08-2010, 08:59 PM
Shatterproof - Visited By Ojay & Woodburner & Previously Stepping Lightly.

Firstly credits to Mendoza & Bungle for putting in a lot of research into this baffling system of shite, after much speculation about what this was I decided to go and sniff some more shit with Stepping Lightly about 6 weeks ago due to Bnugle being injured AGAIN (Only Joking B)...

Cue Stepping Lightly with his ability to lift the heaviest of liddage without grid keys...How the f@@k he does it I'll never know :D

Once the manhole was lifted, there was a surge of fresh and warm air and the noise from below was something else. Again the 4 gas was deployed as this appeared to be yet another grim system of turds.

Anyway once down the ladder approx 14ft we were on a landing stage, the smell was horrific, but surprisingly the 4 gas was still reporting Oxygen levels at 20.5% and had only dropped slightly - Safe.

As I switched on the mighty Cree and pointed it downwards, we were both amazed at the size of the rapid flowing turd stream that was before us.

There were 3 sets of ladders down, so off we both went to see what the hell was going on down here....

After a quick mooch about we appeared to be in the Mother of all CSO's, crikey this is one big Temple Of Fresh!

Below was a HooJ trunk sewer (3.5m wide) with a raised concrete inspection path to each side (approx 3ft wide) with some of the finest rapid flowing nuggets I have ever seen.

WB says he saw a few overtaking each other....LOL

Seperating either side of the trunk sewer was a set of raised metal barriers, a further 5ft in height with a narrower chamber each side acting as an overflow with a raised slotted underside to allow the sewer to overflow.

(It will be easier to follow once you see the pic's)

Once we climbed the final ladder down, (to the left of the CSO) immediately ahead of us was by far one of the largest oveflow pipes I have seen. Infact it was a 2.5m GRP (Glass Re-inforced Plastic) as opposed to the usual RCP. This was quite unique around these parts, and I for one have never experienced one like it before.

The first noticeable fetaure here was what I believe was to be once a chain, now it looked like a washing line draped in fresh (with the finest collection of spent bog roll, used johnnies, STD's & fanny plasters I have ever seen) :D

At this point curiosity got the better of us so we clambered over the fanny plasters and into the unknown. What we should have been mindfull of that this was one big system, and mooching down an unkown overflow was probably not the best of ideas. Walking on glass was odd, it was slippy as hell and I felt like Tony Hawkes whilst skating down the first section, followed by 'Slipping Lightly' :D who fell right on his arse at the same point. (Not funny BTW).

We carried on down for some time before we arrived at a junction, with another GRP feeding in on the left and down a set of stairs and a rather large inspection chamber above. I did climb up and get a shot - SEE BELOW.

We then carried on for approx 10 more minutes, slippin' & Slidin' along the way, before we decided to call it a night and head back.

Fast forward 6 weeks and I was out and about with Woodburner (Agenda Drains). Having earlier re-visited 'IN MY SIGHTS' I decided to head back to SHATTERPROOF and sniff some more shit, besides I didn't fancy going solo.

Lifting the lid was jokes. WB - "This is some heavy ass lid, don't wanna loose my fingers thanks" LOL. Reeto my turn, a quick tug and it was soon open.

Again we were greeted by the overwhelming smell of fresh. The 4 gas was once again deployed and we both headed down as quickly as possible.

Once down I gave WB a quick tour and explained what a CSO was as this was his first time in a sewer overflow (way to go, and nuff respect for coming down here in the first place) :)

Even bigger respect and lulz for turning up in a bright white T-shirt, I suddenly felt over dressed for the occasion, even with the gloves I felt inferior :rolleyes:

With all the excitement I forgot about the ladder down to the other side of CSO, so we both ended up limbo'ing underneath to take a look and getting covered in all manner of shite.

We then headed over to the other side, and once again climbed over the fanny plasters & STD's into the 2.5m GRP overflow pipe.

To Quote WB "It went from pretty good grip, to fuck all grip, it was seriously ice-rink city", "could have done with skateboards down here".

Agreed, it was even worse than the last time I was in here.

After around 100 yds in, it became much easier to traverse. We then came to the first junction again with the inspection chamber and the 1M overflow on the left. As we continued down the overflow with the intention of finding the end (I now know where this is after checking the maps). WB started to feel a little un-easy, and tbh so did I after the recent incident with the Cavern CSO!

We agreed to go a bit further, but having realised that if the sewer filled up whilst we were down there, we would have no way out, and for a pipe to be 3.5M it must anticipate some serious flowage :eek:

At this point the pipe incline levelled out, as it started to back up with what appeared to be surface water rather than foul.

We passed the point where S.L. and myself gave up last time, ahead the pipe curved to the right and gave way to a larger section of RCP which had the appearance of a large 'cheesegrater'. By this point the water got slightly deeper and appeared to be following us.

Ahead was another smaller inspection chamber with ladders approx 25ft to the surface, we stopped for a quick rest, took a few shots and pondered over whether we should continue. Having a pretty good idea of where the Outfall was, from an educated guess by Mendo we made an executive decision to call it a day and GTFO.

Pictures in Chronological Order

Above the CSO


Looking down into the 3.5M Trunk Sewer


at least a 6ft channel of arse soup


which flowed in from here


and out through here


Inside the CSO



Fanny Plasters FTW, it also doubled up as a luxury cleaner enabling me to wipe the fresh off my wellies


Inside the 2.5M GRP


Junnction, this is where the smaller 1M GRP (Culvert overflow) joins up with the 2.5M overflow


As well it serves as an inspection chamber


I climbed up and took this shot looking down, above were ladders to a surface manhole approx 25ft up


After quite a long walk, the pipe took a sharp right and changed composition into this larger section of RCP (Cheesegrater).


It continued ahead for around 100 yds, before there was another smaller inspection chamber, again with ladders approx 25ft to a surface manhole

Ahead the GRP continued, we went another 50 yds before calling it a day


Shouts to The New Mendoza, Bungle Stepping Lightly & Woodburner - Thanks for looking :thumb

27-08-2010, 10:09 PM
You're fucking rank mate!! haha!
I dunno how you do it! Nice to see, but our underground adventures don't go half as turdy as yours!!

28-08-2010, 10:10 AM
Awesome stuff again, the steps of shit and the cheesegrater look amazing! Very impressive work. :thumb

28-08-2010, 12:18 PM
"arse soup". Says it all really.

28-08-2010, 12:41 PM
very stinky ..good shots mate not sure id wanna go down there tho :)