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crippletron 3000
26-08-2010, 05:05 PM
In My Sights - Revisited By Ojay & Woodburner.

Tonight WB headed on over to Manc to sniff some shit, so I decided to take him to see the 'shit tank' - I even wore gloves for the occasion.

I was only here 6 weeks ago with Stepping Lightly (HERE) (http://www.urbexforums.co.uk/showthread.php/9244-In-My-Sights-July-2010.)

since then the pikey's have been and stripped most of the ladders & railings out of the place.

"I fuckin' hate Pikeys" :D

Alternative access was required down the remaining ladders, which brought us to the inspection gantry 'in your shite'...


Once again I swapped the Aunties budgie in favour of the 4 gas just in case :rolleyes:

At this point WB was unable to make it down the remaining set of ladders to the walkway, which is roughly 35ft from the bottom of the tank, so he remained on the gantry, whilst I headed on down the ladder AGAIN to take some more shots, which was now draped with even more fanny plasters and STD's since the last visit :eek:


Due to bad weather of late the tank had quite obviously filled to capacity in the last 72 hours, and I was now almost knee deep in raw turdage (yummy)!


I was lacking lighting bitch (Aka Woodburner), my manual shutter remote, and the rest of the lighting that WB had stored about 80ft up in his bag...Doh.

My plans were now thwarted to gain some better shots of this place, and due to the amount of poop particles in the air, with the only torch I had, managed to grab a couple of shit shots before we called it a day and GTFO!

Bottom of the shit tank


Fresh flowing through the bottom of the shit tank


Handrails...Soon to be removed by Pikey's


And lastly... In your gantry's


Biggup to Woodburner for accidently in Sewers, this place is real grim!!

I vowed to never go back here, but if anyone has some uber lighting and his happy to climb down into this shite infested turd tank sometime soon, then please PM me quoting REF: 'In Your Shite'....

PS this isn't a joke, I'm being serious :coffee

Thanks for looking :thumb

26-08-2010, 05:54 PM
Utterly, utterly horrible. I love it. Good stuff and keep taking care down there :thumb