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22-08-2010, 07:14 PM
This house is Spring Leigh, in Nether Edge Sheffield, built for Henry Carr Booth (a table knife manufacturer) in 1868. You will find the Reference in They Lived in Sharrow and Nether Edge (published by the Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group in 1988).

People i have spoken to who know the man tell of how now lives there on his own (he used to be with his mother but she died some time ago).

But spare a thought for the occupant, his family fortunes have declined and he doesn't have the money to restore the house to what it should be. I know he is concerned what will happen to it when he goes, he doesn't want it demolished or mucked about with. It contains many original features and is unusual in having that glass observation structure on top. The estate was formerly much larger but the present owner's family had to sell off land for other housing (especially those awful 60s boxes to the left of it), as they grew poorer.

Ive asked him often to have a peek inside he will not let me, though he trusted me to let me take these images one day i shall have a look inside, all the years i have walked past and there is a light that never goes out, i just love this place and the misinformation surrounding it..

Onto some images then..