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18-08-2010, 05:01 PM
OK went here today. Set off early morning.
Met the owner, nice man, looks after wierd animals, took us up to the post on his quad, we followed in the car.

Dismantled the bunks and took them. Also took the splint and some blankets and mattresses.
The owner, says he is in the process of getting a bar made to go accross to keep people away.

He also took a load of stuff out, like jerry cans and stuff what he could use around his farm.

Post was a bit of a mess downstairs with 4inches of water in the sump, which was stuck solid.

The strange sheep also started eating our car :wflag

On the way down we were invited in for a coffee, which we accepted, but unfortunatley the car got stuck ontop of a huge rock and wouldnt budge. So 1.5 hours later, a broken car jack later, half the village later, we were off and told never to darken his doorstep again haha :thumb







Jack :)