View Full Version : Archived: Silvertown Way, River Thames, August 2010

13-08-2010, 02:52 PM
Headed back down to the Docklands last night to check out some more riverside sites. The tide was out and the place couldn't have looked more different. The water below the dock was now a beach, with some pretty treacherous looking ladders leading down. No safety gear though so I left going down until another day.

I did come across some pretty weird looking floating docks that had obviously been there a while as they were sat on the river bed full of sediment weighing them down. They were still tethered to the land but I have no idea what they are. You can only see them when the tide is out so it was a pretty good find.

Anyone have any idea what they are? I'm guessing at WW2 floating docks, but can't find any info.