View Full Version : Underground Accrington, AkA My Shop - August 2010.

crippletron 3000
11-08-2010, 09:52 PM
Underground Accrington, AkA My Shop - Visited By Ojay & Andyj23UK.

Discovered by Little Mike back in 2008, and aptly named due to the washed up Costcutter signage, which is sadly no more...

After a sharp exit from a feisty CSO it was time for much needed sanity IN YOUR CULVERTS :D

Like Andy said, a small jaunt up Hyndburn water, we wandered into the Outfall and continued upstream firstly under the Leeds Liverpool canal and Express Gifts - (A huge mail order warehouse), where Andy informs me the goods yard once collapsed and accidently in your culverts.

We found no evidence of this today, despite our best efforts "progress was halted after just 150M by an impassable waterfall" :eek:





Whats all the fuss about?


Not exactly corner shop, but enough washed up shite in here to upstage FleaBay :rolleyes:


Once aquaducts to nearby factory's & mills, sadly demolished to pave the way for.....(Actually F@@K All)


Halt! Ze Waterfall, this was some deep shit right here....


No way we were getting any further, as Andy's leg quickly disappeared

Teh End....Thanks for Looking :thumb

12-08-2010, 02:55 AM
Lovely & local to me :)
Accrington has loads of underground porn.
i don't know why i travel all over when there's all this on my doorstep :(