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10-08-2010, 10:08 PM
Explore by Schools (alone again!!!) Elwin was obviously too lazy to get out of bed at 6am and accompany me on this one!!! Pffft boys!!!!

This one again was from April this year, awesome explore and Im sure you've all seen previous posts. I drove past this place the other week though and the site is still half there so might be worth going back too. In April this was a difficult explore and I had visited the site a couple of times before I figured out access as there was and still is I think a builders office on site.

The baths (Im not too sure when they were closed) were in a bit of a state when I visited, the site wasnt too unsafe but it had been half demolished. Consisting of 2 pools one now existed indoors and one outdoors. As I say it was real early morning when I visited and I tried to get here before the college sitting behind the baths actually opened for the day.

Anyways lets take a look around ; )




I first walked in with my hard-hat and found the indoor pool, red tape all around it and some graffiti on the end wall - it wasnt too trashed but it would still have been cool if water had leaked through the roof and re-filled the swimming area ; )

The corridors didn't look as though they were in such good condition, wires hanging from the walls; water everywhere, the ceiling half falling through above the staircase and a nice little marking from some previous visitors from 28days later :thumb



no room for messing about in the changing rooms then...

moving on down the creepy corridor, thankgod for the demolition team's pretty fairy lights :thumb



bravely wearing my pink childrens wellies I decided to climb the staircase to have a look around the outside - I had to be quick as I needed to be changed and in work for 9am and make sure no one was any the wiser to my antix that morning...wish the mirror in the changing rooms hadn't been smashed up!!!

up the stairs --------


the outside pool - what a beautiful morning :lol:



outdoors was quite smashed up with no flooring left above the pool so I could only walk around a little ...





anyways run, run, run it was time to get off too work ; ) I liked this site it really inspired me and I actually did up a couple of these pictures and used them for my exam portfolio, theres a certain charm about exploring alone especially when you go to the effort and it really pays off :thumb. I actually managed to sell the picture of the indoor baths when I was carrying it in my portfolio past cafe Nero - to a business man in the Trafford Centre, he was more impressed with my work than the woman in Tesco's was, waiting behind me at the photo printing machine.

Again sorry the report is late guys and one you've probably already seen a million times over - these were the good old days 'p reminds me why I keep on exploring - even when you do get a lot of failed attempts at places and you spend a tonne on petrol, when you finally get in, its like Christmas :smclap.

Thanks for reading and again apologies about the photo sizes.