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02-08-2010, 08:34 PM
This isn't so much a report as a display of the few photos I have left from my visit after a major computer crash. I'm still a bit peeved about it as now the place is so well sealed that even English Heritage can't get in there any more, and they own the place.

The Esplanade Level is the lowest of the tunnels below the castle. It was possible when I were a lad to get in through the old main entrance which is behind Dover Leasure Centre car park EH put an end to this by dumping 50tons of earth on top the other way in was via the castle drain sump but that was welded shut in the mid 80s. The same time the Chapel caves were sealed off from the Guilford Tunnel.

The level, pre-war consisted of the Trevanion caves; these were years old and were used up until the 30s for coal storage for the Dover Gas Company which stood right infront of them, The Chapel caves and the Athol caves. Also donkey's years old. The 1,600ft long Guilford Tunnel was dug at the outbreak of war to connect the three systems together.

A plan.
Trevanian caves with part of the Guilford tunnel.

Guilford Tunnel with Chapel caves.

Athol caves.

Trevanion caves.
Battery charging rack.


(The black is coal dust)

A carved badge of the Army Medical Corps. There was a dressing station here.



A very short section of The Guilford tunnel.


The only photo I have from the Athol caves end.

03-08-2010, 07:10 PM
The E.H. Diagram of the tunnels.

My mates and I used to run about in here like madmen when we were school kids. It's a great shame they're sealed now as they're one of the largest tunnel systems in Dover.