View Full Version : Archived: Ball Green Mine Stroud - July 2010

Mole Man
30-07-2010, 05:58 PM
Some picture of one of the two mines we went in to up there, both mines having a number of good artefacts to see and some very large passages. There is no real information about the mines that I can find even after a lot of looking around on the web. Best I can say is both were limestone mines, would think they closed in the 60s and one was used to grow mushrooms in for a period after it closed.


A crane with another crushed crane in the background.


Some small blocks of cut stone.


More cut stone.


File, most lightly used to sharpen a saw for cutting the limestone.


Bent timber showing that the roof is on the move.

Lots more stuff there but only took a few pictures on the day, needs another trip to do some proper pictures.