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26-07-2010, 04:46 PM
Locarno / Mecca / Caesars / Dollars & Dimes / Pennington's / Town & Country. Bradford July 2010

In 1960 the Mecca Locarno Ballroom was erected on the site of a former Roller rink on Manningham Lane in Bradford. This huge ballroom evolved and changed much over the years. In it's later years it became Pennington's night club after local businessman and general 'good guy' John Pennington bought it in 1999 with the proceeds from the sale of the Midland Hotel that he bought restored and ran in the city. John later sold the club to the 'Town & Country' organisation, they ran the club for a short period before going bust.

The club now stands empty and for sale....

This is a massive place! I'd forgotten how big it was, I remember going here in it's Dollars & Dimes' incarnation in the 80's when they did 10 pence a pint nights (think it was a fiver to get in then all lager and bitter was just 10p!) The place was carnage with bodies everywhere!

I found it quite a challenge to photograph as it's all black and not a great deal to see other than the lighting rig (again Mahooosive!), anyway onto the pictures.


Last incarnation....

Welcome to Mr. P's

Looking towards the control room and bar.

A cosy little corner.

Maglite focused on the mirror ball! :)

This is the central LX rig that moved up and down, was quite spectacular in the 80's you know!!!

View out from the VIP lounge at the back of the stage.

The safe room.

The toilets here were well known for being the best in any nightclub. Fountains with fish in and a perfume counter for the ladies.

Here to serve you!

Let's light up the place! :D

Thanks for looking :)

28-07-2010, 02:38 PM
This seems to be taken in the place too. mustve been when they had a night off from emulating pontins circa 82 in there!