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22-07-2010, 05:46 PM
This is my first report, so be kind :)

I have pasted this site many times due to it being very close to where i live, but this is my first time i've actually stopped and looked at it in more detail.

St. Leonardís Tower is a Norman Keep built by Bishop Gundulf c.1080. The ground floor entrance, along with the absence of a fireplace, latrine or secure wall, suggests that the tower had only a limited domestic and defensive role. It may have been built to act as the administrative centre for the local estates of the bishopric.

At present the inside of the tower is locked tight but is accessible if you contact the local parish who owns the tower, for permission to enter it. When i visited it i had know know about it being sealed up so i haven't got any interior shots but i might see if i can get permission in the near future to get some.

Now for my pictures,





Damn door locked tight :(

As i said hopefully i might be able to get some interior shots in the near future but till then this is it :)

Thanks for looking