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16-07-2010, 10:11 AM
Visited with Mole on 20/6/10

Firstly we attempted to get inside this place, but didn't manage it. It is empty due to dry rot, but the farmer who owns the land had parked his tractor next to the building and was inside. We wandered around anyway, but suddenly realised that a dog was standing watching us from about 15 feet away - just staring at us. Decided we should hightail it before the dog started barking and alerted the guy in the house. Couldn't find a way inside, but we hadn't gone all around.

http://i.imagehost.org/0086/pano2s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0086/pano2s)

http://i.imagehost.org/0291/DSC6480s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0291/DSC6480s)

View through the front door. Nice looking building.
http://a.imagehost.org/0195/DSC6486s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0195/DSC6486s)

After a particularly disappointing day where we'd failed to get into all 3 of our targets, we managed to get inside Tertowie House (our last resort) by diving through the front windows in full view of the houses (the old entry was locked). Wasn't particularly interesting inside, but I got enough photos to make it worth posting them.

The staircase is looking considerably more trashed since Alir147 and Gorecki visited.
http://i.imagehost.org/0301/DSC6567s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0301/DSC6567s)

http://i.imagehost.org/0609/DSC6568s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0609/DSC6568s)

Couldn't resist a spot of amateur light painting. Think I might work on getting good at this in future.
http://j.imagehost.org/0400/DSC6540s.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0400/DSC6540s)

http://a.imagehost.org/0910/DSC6576s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0910/DSC6576s)

The highlight of the house to me was on the top floor. A bee hive (almost wrote bee nest there) had been in the roof space, and the bees had come down to this room to try and get out, only to be faced by closed windows. Two windows in the room were closed, and had big piles of dead bees on the windowsill and floor by them both.

http://j.imagehost.org/0812/DSC6616s.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0812/DSC6616s)

http://i.imagehost.org/0609/DSC6620s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0609/DSC6620s)

http://i.imagehost.org/0419/DSC6662s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0419/DSC6662s)

http://i.imagehost.org/0819/DSC6691s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0819/DSC6691s)

http://a.imagehost.org/0114/DSC6521s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0114/DSC6521s)

Didn't see all of it. We'd set off the motion sensor light in the rear hall (which is impossible to avoid if you want to see the sports section), and it definitely appears to be a silent alarm of some sort, but one directly to the owner, rather than the police. The owner of the house appeared within 45 minutes, and after driving past the house and checking the carpark across the bridge, he made his way inside. Apparently he's recently always turning up fairly shortly after it goes off. So as soon as he appeared we bailed.

16-07-2010, 10:12 AM
We'd visited the bunker a week or two before, but hadn't managed to get into the house at the time due to lots of people wandering around from the houses next to the building.

Luckily it was open, and we could just climb inside.

http://i.imagehost.org/0653/DSC5443s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0653/DSC5443s)

This was pretty disturbing.
http://j.imagehost.org/0753/DSC5362s.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0753/DSC5362s)

http://i.imagehost.org/0670/DSC5366s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0670/DSC5366s)

http://a.imagehost.org/0473/DSC5371s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0473/DSC5371s)

http://j.imagehost.org/0898/DSC5435s.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0898/DSC5435s)

http://a.imagehost.org/0767/DSC5380s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0767/DSC5380s)

Good old asbestos fire blankets.
http://i.imagehost.org/0087/DSC5385s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0087/DSC5385s)

This map goes practically from floor to ceiling. One of several.
http://i.imagehost.org/0787/DSC5391s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0787/DSC5391s)

This one has the locations of all the ROC posts in Britain.
http://a.imagehost.org/0589/DSC5402s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0589/DSC5402s)

I want this on my bedroom door.
http://i.imagehost.org/0988/DSC5414s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0988/DSC5414s)

We opened this just out of curiosity to see what was on the other side, but it was just another exit. Locked it again after we'd have a look, don't worry.
http://i.imagehost.org/0696/DSC5428s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0696/DSC5428s)

http://a.imagehost.org/0489/DSC5431s.jpg (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0489/DSC5431s)

I found the bunker to be far more interesting than the house itself, lots of cool little bits and pieces inside - especially the maps.

Some of these photos don't seem to appear sometimes. If there's an obvious gap where a photo should be, refreshing should fix it.

16-07-2010, 12:13 PM
that tilly lamp there is rare as fuck. wow. especially with intact glass, paraffin burners are another hobby of mine *geek*

Yeah, it's nice isn't it? Pretty sure this room must have been locked until very recently, because it was in perfect condition - especially compared to the rest of the site.

http://i.imagehost.org/0231/DSC5383s.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0231/DSC5383s)

I like this place a lot. Nice pictures there :thumb

Thanks! :D