View Full Version : Ashort visit to dover and folkestone 01/07/2010

02-07-2010, 03:21 PM
Right wasnt gunna do this post cos the main bit we went to see st mratins kinda placed obsicles for my 2 friends i got in but as they could ended up coming out again visited a place in folkstone the name of which escapes me cos i was in the back of van..2nd spot we visited was given info from a local..bit naff as it was just a staircase leading down a tunnel to a small room with an exit at end of,i personanly do not like heights cliff edges nor the 45 degree angles and narrow pathways leading in and out so my arse was flapping to the point i may have shouted "i want my mummy"..did it tho and if anyones recognsies the tunnel and knows about it do tell..right not many pics so short report

Right this is inside the gate at st martins

these few are inside the tunneled staircase




And heres some from inside the shelter at folkestone all flash im afraid was fealing way too ill to spend much more time out





04-07-2010, 02:46 PM
Nice work mate, looks pretty unchaved in there, and those old doors are ace :thumb

yeah and as we had no idea where the place was full of anticipation what laid behind the doors we went thru and found a brick wall with a hole :( and in my mind an even steeper but less near the cliff edge as way in..still killed half an hour