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26-06-2010, 01:34 PM
Bit of a mystery this one. Spot How Gill Mine near Eskdale certainly claims the prize for location, with the main adit being in a river bank in the beautiful Eskdale Valley (now unfortunately famous for where Derrick Bird ended his life!).

What the mine doesnít seem to have is history! There doesnít seem to be a lot of information about on this one at all. This is an area that is dotted with various old mines, some of which Iíve explored, but most do have some info floating around on them Ė unfortunately Spot How Gill doesnít. One can only assume that the workings here were predominantly for iron ore, although seams of quartz and some copper were present throughout. Quite an interesting place that has workings over two levels, the upper level being accessible only with ropes... that we didnít have. One for another day.

Visited on a scorching hot day with Superkev. Pics turned out pretty nice but Iím told that is due to Superkevís fetish for torches and his headlamp that is brighter than the sun.

The magnificent Eskdale Valley

Looking in from the riverbank...

...and looking out from inside

A few timber-supported areas. Note the characteristically red earth of an iron ore mine


My favourite shot of the day

At times a bit of a tight squeeze

One of the drier mines Iíve been in, especially as the river flows over it at one point

Superkevís arse as he squeezes through to the next area. Itís around this point that the river flows above us

Leading through to the stopes

Looking up the stopes. There was clearly another seam above although not visible on this pic, but no way we could get up there without ropes

Off to the side, there was an area that led off to what we thought must be a ventilation shaft. Looking up from here you can see daylight coming in from an upper adit. Looking up the shaft as water drips down

Looking down the shaft from the upper level. Beyond this shaft an opening led out to the stopes from above where we were previously. Again, there was nowhere decent to get a foothold without using ropes

Pleased with our morningís work upon exit. Self-shots and flat caps FTW

Thanks for looking!

26-06-2010, 02:41 PM
Nice work you guys but it looks a bit terrifying to me :-)