View Full Version : Croft ROC Post - (Yorkshire Group) - June 2010

06-06-2010, 07:27 PM
Visited here with TripleSix.

This was such a bitch to get too. I'd been given permission to take the shelving unit from here but it looked like it was going to be difficult!

Carpet was slightly damp
Tbar Seized
Sump Sezed
Water in Sump
Hatch COMPLETLY buggered.

Its not looking good for Croft I'm Afraid. :thumbd

Look Closely, there IS a gate!

There it is!

A Pillbox Thing (bricked up) lives in the Jungle Also!

Oww My Arms - Why didnt i wear long sleeves! Spikey Biatch!


Now - considering i had to crawl it wasnt going to be easy to get stuff out of there. What the hell was i going to do? I didnt have to think - because TripleSix arrived with his ----------- CHAINSAW!

We cut through from a field at the side - so not to draw attention to it from the main road.

TripleSix hacking the jungle!

Is that an ROC Post i see! :smclap

Finally! After about 15mins we were through!

And actually - i wasnt dissapointed :coffee

Someone had really loved this post. There had been extra lights fitted - in the toilet and more in the obs room. It had drawers, plugs, extra folding tables and a load of train pictures!

Coats & Trousers

Lol Maglite fail :fail

Loads Left! (look away from the beam!)

We did eventually get the shelves - although we had to take them apart and that took ages fail as all the bolts were rusty.

After about an hour and a half we set off for Chop Gate, where it started pouring terrentially, Triple Six nearly killed us in the thick fog avoiding a motorbike and veering towards a wall. We didnt get Chop Gate painted or cemented because of the rain.

It took about ten mins trying to get up the track to Chop Gate aswell because of the mud lol but we did it.

We got the lights working as well.

Then on the way home TripleSix Skidded down the track and nearly crashed his Landy lol.

An eventfull day - Cheers TripleSix

K! (thats problys the longests ROC report ever lol)

ps. (weve concealed the entrance to Croft with all the cut back jungle weeds - no doubt theyll have grown back within a week )