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31-05-2010, 09:55 PM
Seeing as I have access to the ROC museum I thought I would show you all a few exhibits.

Most of you ROC 'enthusiasts' will be aware of the WB1400 Carrier Control Equipment found in most post, the grey metal box thats on the wall for you less educated people!

Thats the Carrier Receiver, during an exercise or the 'real thing' it would have sounded the relevant warning tones and messages.

The unit that generated these warnings would have been in your local Police Station or other major public buildings.

Obviously the people manning these units would have required training so the following bit of equipment was produced to do that very thing.


This is the Carrier Control Trainer, it is the entire WB1400 unit in one tidy cupboard sized kit. The left hand side is the siren, the middle is the Carrier Equipment and the right hand side is the kit that would have been found in the warning post (the speaker is actually the 'office' type found in ROC HQ's and not the armored metal type found in the posts).


The above picture is of the 'siren' side of the unit, it all works and there is a mini siren that is pretty damn loud.


Opposite side showing the Carrier Receiver and Speaker unit.


The Carrier Control Equipment itself, this generated the 'confidence tone' that would have been constantly heard when all was good in the world! Lifting the red handsets and pushing a button would have produced the 'attack warning red' tone inside the posts.

I will have a look through some paperwork and see if there is anything else you might find interesting.