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25-05-2010, 08:45 PM
The plan was to sleep in Chateau de Noisy,
but when we walked in this place it seems like a good idea to spent the night here.

When we walked in we disturbed the love romance of a couple which was just at the point to going further,
and to make their disappointing even worse a group of 15 people arrived just after us to make a big campfire.
Nice to see their frustrated faces :-)

After some beers and a some whiskey it was dark and we started to make some photo's.
The campfire-group started to break up to leave, and we crawled in our sleepingbags to sleep under the stars.
Great! Outside, the only thing you hear is the wind softly blowing through the trees.
So we all peacefull fell in sleep around 00:30.
Until 3:30 WTF!
People shouting, people walking around, busy with all kind of stuff, cables are thrown over the wall, flashlighs everywere!
The fact that there were people sleeping didn't really bother them.
I was pissed! But that didn't help a lot.
They planned a rave-party, so there came a rave-party.
In 15 minutes a generator was started and green lightbeams came out of the small tower,
giving this small place a really freaking look.
We decided to pack our stuff and try to get some sleep in the car.
All with all a night to remember! :-)

Now about this place. This small building was build in 1896 by order of King Leopold II to get easy access to his castle up the hill.
He wanted to make the nearby village into a touristic place and the castle had to become a sort of hotel for royalties all over the world.
Because the castle was damaged during WW1 they closed the station.
The castle was demolished in the 1970's.

Visited with: KTS, Manvil, MSB & Martino

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26-05-2010, 10:42 AM
Loving the star trails, you should have taken some pics of the lights coming from the tower

I was too tired and too pissed to take pictures..

MSB took a nice one: