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14-05-2010, 05:18 PM
It's a bank holiday weekend, and I'm off to a cool castle near my folks. You'd like it. My kids did. And my parents. Why not have a look at some of the snaps I took of it? Marvel at the wonderful buildings? Wipe the blood from your eyes at the ridiculous over processing?

Walter de Lacy, some bloke who came over with William the Conqueror in 1066 was responsible for some of the early building here, although much of it was developed over the following 6 hundred years.
On the left, a view from the ice house in the dry moat, and then crossing the drawbridge into the main part of the castle. I want a drawbridge on my flat.
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1056/4603455165_26ba177fa0.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3301/4604069794_9be34e64fc.jpg

Prince Edward and his younger brother Richard had spent most of their childhood years at Ludlow Castle. They became known as The Princes in the Tower, Edward V of England (4 November 1470 1483) and his brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York (17 August 1473 1483). They were the only sons of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville. They disappeared without a trace from the Tower of London in 1483.
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1099/4603454569_1c2d78f4f6.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1378/4604067686_d4bdd91555.jpg

Other history? The brother of Henry V111, Prince Arthur died at Ludlow Castle on April 2nd, 1502. He had been staying there with his new wife, Catherine of Aragon on honeymoon. Prince Arthur's heart was buried at Ludlow. I didn't find it today. :( His wife returned to London where she later became the first of Henry V111's six wives.
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1297/4604066868_c3f8a768b4.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3279/4604066220_4853193f25.jpg

Of course, there is always time for a well shot. I love these.

It's a cool place to visit as there are a lot of passageways. It's equally cool if you are a small child, unless you fall over and bang your head and have to have your dad come and rescue you from the floor.

This place is privately owned. It could be really impressive if English Heritage took over it, but there is something faintly reassuring about how uncorporate this place is, if such a word exists. Steps are badly worn, and wooden floors slippery and damaged a bit. Here are a couple of views from higher up.

14-05-2010, 05:22 PM
Nice shots. I visited here about 8 years ago, and its been one of my favouritest castles. Processing looks good!

14-05-2010, 05:29 PM
Some nice castle work there Rich :thumb

I like Jervaulx Abbey near Masham as it's a bit less sanitised than the other 3 similar Abbeys in North Yorks

Its MINT. We have a 'countryside retreat' in Masham and i cycle their quite a lot. I love the fact that theres an honesty box for the carpark and the fact thers no tacky overpriced gift shop.

14-05-2010, 05:45 PM
Very nice set of pics mate! :thumb

12-07-2010, 12:05 PM
This is brilliant,im having a castle fetish at the mo :D i love the pic of the well and the one with your kiddies in :thumb

12-07-2010, 04:50 PM
Well cool, thanks :D