View Full Version : Archived: Abandoned Factory, Brierley Hill, West Mids, May'10

10-05-2010, 09:13 PM
Another place visited with the lovely Frogbox on our search for some of the finest Urbex scenez. We didn't find any here :thumb
Less than a mile away, hoards of shoppers are teeming through the shops at Merry Hill Shopping Centre, relaxing in the lush surroundings of the coffee shops and the boutiques. However, we have decided to hang around in a derelict factory, ruined, trashed and forsaken and overrun with chavs. Our arrival on site was heralded by the sound of smashing wood and shouting.

Heading round the site, it was clear this place was on its last legs. Enormous warehouses full of smashed glass and trees, and half ruined buildings, graffitied and fire damaged.

Much of the place had been wrecked beyond belief. There were some nice urbex cliches to take in though.

Sadly I have no history on the place at all. I'm a bit rubbish really.

The chavs scuttled off as we came round the corner. Two of the braver ones appeared,
"Ere, are yow two buying this place?" asked the younger lad.
"No, we're just looking round, taking a few pictures" we replied.
There wasn't really an answer. And, looking through the report, there still isn't an decent answer now either. Not the best of places, but still, it beats a shopping trip to Merry Hill every time.

The chavs turned out to be fine. The two gave us a tour of the bit I will laughably call the "admin building" (above) There were no stairs.
"Do yow fancy seein' upstairs" one lad asked?
"Arr, goo on then" I replied.
He walked round the corner, jumped in the air and grabbed hold of a fire hose, that was dangling from that window, and after a lot of huffing and puffing clambered in upstairs.
"Yow comin' up" he shouted down.
"Nah, it's probably not that good. Thanks for the tour now, cheers"