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28-04-2010, 09:50 PM
Well, it was a Tuesday night and I was bored so I gathered a couple of Doras and we headed to Southport to check out the Birkdale school for the deaf. From looking at other pics of the outside of the school posted on here it looked pretty easy to get in, and pretty intact too. I must apologize in advance, I have the worst camera on my phone ever, if you're not stood next to the sun it wont take a pic clearly so there are only limited shots as I gave up after the first few (must get a half decent camera before i do another report). When we had found our way in, we set off looking round, the place was massive, and a bit of a maze. A lot of times you had to go up stairs to get back down, and round blocked doors, and some stairways went down to nothing, and I'm not even sure we got round the whole place. There were mainly classrooms on the ground floor, these had been smashed up, although some bits remained intact, and it was nice to see the last lesson ever just after we got in, it was about bacteria! Also on the ground floor, was a swimming pool, changing rooms, and a stockpile of stripped radiators! Second and third floors were bedrooms & living rooms etc. One thing we noticed was the amount of drug packets in the place, it was ridiculous! I couldnt find any plasters for my cut finger though...
The piece de resistance though was the clocktower, beautiful old brass clock mechanism, complete, and after a bit of fiddling we managed to get the clock moving! Then it was up a cast iron staircase onto the roof. Well worth a visit, no security to speak of, but close to some big houses. Take a look:

This was us in Paris last summer

This is the central staircase, nice and grand, and again hand painted decor


Don't drop it


The view from the top