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14-08-2008, 12:18 AM
i've known about this place for a while and had a brief look around some time ago. i happend to be working in south cave and planned on seeing a friend after. so its about 5pm we meet and he suggests an explore.
at frist glance everything was fine, but had a quick scout around the garden to make sure. its quite a big bit of land with easily 15 rooms where as my bungalow has 6 lol.

front door.

house from the back.

everything was more over grown than before and the place itself had seen better days, products of the local youth no doubt.

wood panneled extension.

as we entered the house is stank of burnt and damp.
kitchen, how we found it.

burnt out room. where the smell was coming from, this was recent as it wasnt like this a few months before.

out the back door, across a large over grown garden we reached what would have been a nice pool area maybe 10 years ago.

pool. with pool house consisting of a sauna and steam room.

life rings.

the house is called 'castle view' on the road 'church hill' set back from view...
on doing research about why is stands empty i couldnt find anything :confused: any help would be nice

thanks x