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18-04-2010, 06:40 PM
A few shots from last summer (Aug 2009) in the grounds of Isreal & Newton steam and locomotive Boilermakers (Idle, Bradford). While on his tour of Britain, Fred Dibnah came here as they still make boilers in the original way by using rivits rather than welding. I'm very tempted to get intouch with them, and see if I can get some shots while they're at work.

These are from my pre-digital days, so are all shot on film









Not a big, or a hard explore by any means! Just thought it might be of interest to some :coffee

18-04-2010, 06:57 PM
http://m.gmgrd.co.uk/res/499.$plit/C_71_article_1015729_image_list_image_list_item_0_ image.jpg

Some Dibnah quotes

"Did yer like that!?"

" Mmmm. Aye. Oh aye. Y'know?"

"A man who says he feels no fear is either a fool or a liar."

"I realise that steam engines aren't everyone's cup of tea. But they're what made England great."

"The modern world stinks."

"We've become a nation of con men, living by selling double glazing to each

"Steam engines don't answer back. You can belt them with a hammer and they say nowt."

"I set out as a steeplejack in my youth to preserve chimneys. I've finished by knocking most of them down."

"Height gives you a wonderful feeling of grandeur. You're the king of the castle up here."

"I have a wash more now than I used to y'know... I have a shower everynight."

"I'm just a bum who climbs chimneys."

"Anybody who destroys anything made of stone should be prosecuted. It is not all beautiful, but it took a man all day to make one stone."

"Steeplejacking's a bit of a spasmodic job, so you can play with your steam engine instead. It's a bit like being very rich."

"If you make one mistake, it's half a day out with the undertaker."

"It's a funny thing this celebrity. If you don't wave back you're a miserable bugger, if you do wave back you're a big-headed bugger. I don't know."

"The thing is nowadays, you'll have 20 men working, yet 60 men telling them

'You can't do that, you ain't got a tin hat on'".

"Teaching boys to bake cakes? That's no way to maintain an industrial empire."

"By 'eck it were grand."

"Them fancy London types don't know the pleasure of eating chips with fingers"

"I've never fell off a big chimney. You'd only fall off one of them once"

Nice shots!

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Oh, aye!

F. Dibnah lives on, here: