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18-04-2010, 12:41 AM
Here goes my first post.

By chance I happened to be driving by Lissett airfield in East Yorks this morning and noticed a memorial has been erected in memory of the 851 servicemen that lost their lives whilst serving with 158 Squadron.

I had seen the figures somewhere before but couldnt place them, then I realised they were some of the silhouette's from the avatar's, only having my phone I decided to take a few snaps and put them on here as my first post.




What looks like graffitti on the memorial is actually engravings of all the servicemen who lose their lives. Lissett airfield is now the home for 12 wind turbines, with 11 of the turbines being named after aircraft that were stationed at the airfield, the 12th was named in memorial of 6 servicemen that were killed in an explosion in the bomb dump there in 1943.