View Full Version : Archived: small tunnel at Westwood Mill, Golcar, Apr 10

13-04-2010, 07:30 PM

1) this may be the wrong place for this - if so could a mod please move it to a more apt place ..... I suspect the bin would be most apt.

2) it's a shit "report" and is just for info purposes for under grounders on here

Weekend gone silent and I swung by westwood for a quick once over.

Whilst in the boiler room we spotted something neither of us had seen on our previous visits. There is a small tunnel which seems to run under the mill - no idea how far it goes , but there is a hole in the floor outside the mill which looks filled in , which is in line with this tunnel - so probably a very short tunnel indeed lol.

so this is more a post for info **IF** anyone wasn't aware and wanted to check it out.
anywhere here's a pic or two of it - couldn't get a decent shot sadly:






told you it was a shit post :(