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12-04-2010, 01:33 AM
this by no means warrents a full report so hopefully these pics will make for a mini report if not just bin it

heres a tiny bit of history...

Cabot is an American company. The Ellesmere plant was the first works to be built under the Marshall plan for econoimic recovery after the war. It was Britain's largest producer of Carbon black. The works were recently closed to cut costs by moving production to china...

anyway met up with manic_28 agour and eotech and slaphead at the cabot site and what promised to be a top explore was quickly took from us

after getting access we ended up in the maintenance workshops this just didnt seem right to me and after manic_28 mentioned he had heard someone cough outside i think we all started to feel a bit nervy

i mentioned that we should just get out and go straight for the money shots up high on the raised walkways and as we left we was seen by a chap doing his rounds who came at us with a baseball bat after we scarpered back up the access point im not sure if he was intent on using the bat but didnt stick around to find out prob just to scare us offsite or thought we was gypo,s

i think we was just unlucky to have come out at the time he was checking the area to be honest


sorry agour i twirled your head lol

we headed into here first


canteen area

domino trophies

the stores..


workshop area

after that the rest is history....as i dont think i can be arsed going back