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09-04-2010, 12:33 AM
Back in 2008, over a period of several months me & Bunkerkid, photographed and documented every building on this vast former munitions site, from top to bottom, with over 500 photographs and video footage of what it was still like:thumb

It would all disappear in the not to distant future to make way for a New Town called "Wixams".
We went back at the weekend to check how progress had been made:ohmy It had completely been flattened:panic
Out of around 1,200 buildings, two are left standing, the Guard house, and one electrical sub station.
This report is of what we found:(


Original Guard house to the site is the only main building left! Bricked up and painted white???


Munitions Buildings use to line this road on both sides now it runs clear & stright through to the Old Airship sheds at Cardington.


Such open spaces and some fantastic cloud was around this day:thumb
All the buildings were knocked down and then the rubble was transported to a crusher - the red mountain in the distance is the remains of ROF Elstow:ohmy


Former munitions shed - tracks only remain now.


Outer fence was erected to keep out Nirex protestors, when they were going to dump low waste nuclear fuel here. Now it forms a permanent reminder of those far off, long lost days:ohmy


And finally it was nice to meet up with Mr. Snow again:thumb Its strange how some things don't change, I originally met up with him back in 2008, on the loading platforms where the munition trains use to come in!
He was still there:thumb waiting for his train, that will never come!!

Original pics here:

http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii38/tankman_2008/WW2%20Royal%20Ordnance%20factory%20ELSTOW%20Beds%2 0UK/?start=all


And my tribute video to Elstow here:


09-04-2010, 12:40 AM
What a desolate place.
Love the barbed wire :thumb