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08-04-2010, 10:32 AM
Long time Martino and myself talked about a trip to the US to explore some locations.
In september 2009 we finally decide to go and arranged the tickets.

March 31 the day of our trip was there.
After a 3 hours delay and a lot of waiting for the customs we could start our trip.

On our first day we wanted to explore the Grossinger Hotel.
It was just on the other side of the road the hotel was we stayed,
so we just walked there.
After 5 minutes we were inside a pickup truck drove at the terrain and 2 workers start doing things.
Because we could not go anywhere without been seeing we decided to just say them hello.
They seemed real nice and warned us for the State Police because we were trespassing.

Ok.. then we just leave for now and do this one later we thought.
While walking back to the main road one of the guys followed us with his cellphone at his ear.
WTF? We are going, don't we?
Ok, better not walk to the car or the hotel, you never know.
So we walked as long as the guy walked back out of our sight and went to our place to get a coffee.
Not a long time later a State Police car drove through the road a few times.

A bit disappointed of this first exploration we decide to start this day easy and just drive through the area to see some of the country.
Normally we aren't scared easy, but in the US both the laws and the police are a bit different,
and as a foreigner better avoid messing with them.

Driving around we found this graveyard.
Not big, but nice with trucks we never see in our country.

More at www.urban-travel.org






The only picture i shot at Grossingers: