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crippletron 3000
26-03-2010, 03:03 AM
Sidedraught Induction - Visited By Ojay & Morse.

Moving along with today's 'Drainor' activities we headed over to Gorton to take a look at another Culverted section of the Gore Brook including another CSO/Sewage Interceptor.

Having once again wadered up, we clambered under the large metal grille at the 'Infall' of this section of the Gore Brook.


Once in, we headed up a section of RCP for around 10 yards before it opened up into a larger section of arched Victorian brick work.



Looking Back Upstream


After a short mooch downstream the Brook was now channelled into an inverted brick section, with walkways either side.


After around 70 yards the tunnel opened up into a larger section with re-inforced concrete above and split into 2 smaller arched brick tunnels 'Left & Right'.



'Left Split'


'Right Split'


We chose the 'Right Section' purely because the water levels were a lot lower and figured it would be easier to walk down, well after eventually climbing over a crowd control barrier, a shopping trolley and a scooter to name but a few washed up treasures we were now heading further downstream.


On the way there were numerous 'Manholes' leading above, seemingly with no rungs lower down? also there were a number of dropshafts from above with 'Mini Falls' one of which I managed to capture on a faster shutter!


On the way we passed a small section of concrete to the right, which opened up into a larger shaft/inspection chamber, leading to another manhole above.



Eventually the 2 tunnels re-joined into a larger section of arched brickwork


Looking Back Downstream where the 2 Tunnels Merge...


After a short mooch of around 40 yards we came across a CSO on the right in the form of a 4ft RCP poking out at an angle.


Naturally we headed inside this short section of RCP,


which led us into a 'Giant Overflow/Interceptor Chamber' This was constructed of concrete and was seriously hooj! We had to climb up to the platform above as the ladders at one end had a locked grille preventing access.


Once up to level 2 there was some serious 'Sewerfresh' flowing through at the other side.


At the top end there were 2 'Rusty' wheels which controlled the 2 'Penstocks' below diverting the 'Sewer' in 2 directions.




We spent around 20 minutes in here taking various shots, but the air quality wasn't great and lighting was seriously difficult due to the amount of 'POOP' and 'Other' particles in the air, so we decided to call it a day and head off back upstream to the 'Outfall' once again.

Thanks for looking :thumb

26-03-2010, 07:41 AM
Top stuff mate, these shots are getting better and better. I do like the split tunnel shots :thumb

26-03-2010, 12:09 PM
Excellent, I keep forgetting about old Sidedraught, it's been lingering on my list for about a year now! Might have to solo it when I'm back up North :)