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04-08-2008, 01:00 PM
Bored one night, get a phone call from two friends and they fancy some exploring. Quick discussion later and Im digging out some old clothes ready for an adventure to a nearby derelict nursing home that was semi burnt down a few years ago.
Sneaking down the old railway line that runs nearby we made our way quietly through the trees that screen the drive way of the old mansion, wary of the houses that have been occupied. We paused to let a car pull out and down the rest of the driveway. Stepping over the No Entry sign laid on the floor we advanced towards our goal.

front view of the grange

burnt out rafters in the roof

me looking up through what was a roof

cracked window

found this funny as it was a fire that shut this place down

We received a phone call now from a friend of ours who had bizarrely found the car we parked off road and was trying to find us. Figured itd be best to find him than have him find us we had to cut our exploration short. This needs further exploring i think but a good find over all :)