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crippletron 3000
13-03-2010, 01:27 PM
Visited by Ojay, Gone, Jim Gillette & Urban Soldier - Good Times...

Been trying to get around to see this for some time now, and it was by chance that we did late one Sunday night in March.

After deliberating what to do next after mooching around town we decided on some Drainor action 'Works' it is then...

4 lads wadering up in the Ghetto late at night must have been a sight for the locals, anyway within minutes we were all wadering up the Moston Brook which was fairly fast flowing and quite unexpectedly deep in parts. After a short wade across we reached the outfall of the 'Works' It's a cool Dressed Stone and Brick RCP number, and as you get closer becomes increasingly harder to move as you begin to sink into silted up SHITE! (lovely)


Having climbed inside we were greeted with several rats making their 'Great Escape' as Gone and Jim flashed the head torches about.

The condition of this brick RCP was truly amazing as I believe this place is over 100 years old!


After a long rocky ankle breaking mooch (Hence the name - 'The Works') the levels started getting deeper, we were now at above knee height walking through this lovely 'Soup of Shite'. Jim was somewhere in the distance avoiding rats and inspecting some turds to keep him busy LOL. I tried not to look too hard at what I was walking in as it was mental.

Eventually the levels dropped and became a lot shallower, around 5 inches at this point, we then arrived at this cool intersection, with one bricked up RCP to the left and the RCP to the right carrying on from here. This section of RCP was covered in iron oxide deposits and orange murky water.



Iron Oxide Deposits.


Just ahead the tunnel came to an abrupt end with these giant steps (around 13 or 14) and were 1 foot high and approx 2 foot deep.


Looking Back Down From The Top Of The Steps.


Onwards and upwards we were now close to the 'Works' Chamber and you could hear the flow. At the top of the giant stairs were 2 smaller RCP's, these provided the 'Soup of Shite' into the section below, you can even see the stuff swirling around in one of the photos.



Just to the left were some smaller but steeper steps that led upto the Chamber above.


Looking Down into the 'Soup Of Shite'.


At the top was Manhole access that went on forever and easily over 30' to the top. I would be interested to know where this was so I can have another look at the chamber some day without wadering up.

Once up the stairs we were now in the main chamber within the 'Works' which actually is section of the Moston Brook culverted through known as 'Inhospitable' which flows through the main chamber. It was reasonably fast flowing but surprisingly clean and turd free, there is some 'sewer fresh' evident as another CSO flows into it further upstream.


'Inhospitable' Looking Upstream.


P37 - Penstock.


At the opposite end there is a rusty bridge which allows you to get to the other side and passes directly in front of the Penstock.


The manhole shaft also provided access to the Penstock controls in a side room about halfway up. From here the Penstock can be closed to divert the flow from 'Inhospitable' through into the 'Works' drain.


Through to Penstock Control Room.


Penstock Controls.



Anyway all in all a good mooch and we had a good laugh as well, Jim even managed to get out alive without being eaten by killer rats!..... PURE WIN :thumb

13-03-2010, 02:00 PM
very cool well done love that

13-03-2010, 02:14 PM
Very cool stuff indeed. The soup of shite looks a poor place to stop for a mid explore meal. I love the pictures though :thumb

13-03-2010, 07:54 PM
Good work that man, hope you had an industrial strength shower after..

13-03-2010, 08:11 PM
Like everybody said great shots and it looks like a really cool place for a mooch appart from the bit about wading through shit :lol:

It's worst if you go via Inhospitable, especially the extremely slippery section which is knee deep in stagnant 'fresh with nothing to grab hold of if you slip. Inhospitable is quite possibly the worst 500 metres I've ever walked, but it was so worth it - the Works is lovely.

14-03-2010, 01:17 PM
Nice shots bud. The manhole cover needs investigating!

crippletron 3000
14-03-2010, 03:41 PM
Nice shots bud. The manhole cover needs investigating!

Wish I knew where it went to, no chance of lifting it from underneath, its heavy!

14-03-2010, 08:02 PM
Great pics mate fascinating to see as you wouldnt get me down there