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09-03-2010, 10:22 PM
Well I seem to be doing quite well recently with sites where I go with low to very low expectations and come back pleasantly surprised to different degrees.

Now don't get excited it's not that it's a brilliant explore, it's not in great shape ... in fact it is very, very trashed - little more than a ruin..but for me, and I doubt many will feel the same, I just ...I don't know enjoyed it.

so a bit of info etc before the pictures.

The hotels website is still up here (http://www.saxoncross.co.uk/)

It is set out very much like an american Motel - you arrive at reception and there are two wings running parallel making a sort of squared off U shape with the reception, bar and conference rooms and another wing striking out at 90 degrees to the others.

It is all on one level with doors from the rooms leading straight outside with parking outside , so you could park your car outside your room .

The property was a rather modest 2 star as for facilities you can see that for yourselves from the hotels site.

The hotel closed in late 2007 , December I believe and has gone downhill rather quickly. I believe "travellers" occupied it for a while and , as you can imagine, left it in real bad shape.

It has received mixed reviews as you can see here (http://www.mytravelguide.com/hotels/profile-18910203-United_Kingdom_Sandbach_Saxon_Cross_Hotel.html)

and this review from an unsatisfied guest who stayed a few months before it closed - maybe the staff new the end was nigh:

"18 year old with a luxury budget, traveling for business

They have disgusting rooms, and shabby, moldy, damaged doors. There were no drinks in the bar, only cans of Guinness. No breakfast or evening meals served. The staff was unhelpful and not able to offer alternative places to eat. The whole place wants demolishing.
Do not stop here under any circumstances. Only managed to stay 1 night out of 2 because it was so bad."

A curious review in my eyes as he starts of saying he had a luxury budget - then why stay at a two star property ?

One more thing before I go on to post the pics .. at one point in the explore I had a real OMG moment. I work in the Business Travel Sector (as distinct from holidays) and one of the companies I worked for in the very distant past was Pickfords Business Travel (yes as in the furniture removals ) - you'll see why this is relevant when I get to the OMG picture.

So on with the images:

main entrance into reception


reception desk - nice wood panelling



drink from the bar ?


In the Saxon room



cold storage


menu Sir/Madam ?


lets go check out some of the bedrooms:



all mod cons


cuppa anyone ?









Nice, relaxed mooch. I was lucky to have stunningly beautiful weather.

As always full set here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/84462488@N00/sets/72157623456929331/)

09-03-2010, 10:29 PM
oh bollocks I forgot the OMG moment for me :lol::lol:

OK here goes , so i went behind reception and there were a few invoices, bills and confirmations of bookings from travel agents and amongst them I found this one: