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09-03-2010, 10:19 PM
Here it is folks, the moment you've all been waiting for! Well maybe...
Workington Hall isn't as interesting as every other place I've seen on here but is the most historic where I live. :)
A bit of history: "Built around a pele tower dating from the 14th century, this was once one of the finest Manor houses in the region. This striking ruin once owned by the Curwen family, Lords of the Manor of Workington, gave shelter to Mary Queen of Scots on her last flight from Scotland before her imprisonment and execution.
The Hall is also the stage for operas, pageants, plays, and is associated with the towns annual Medieval 'Curwen Fair'."
Sadly that's all I could find about the hall online. It does have a much richer history as I've read about it in a few books. Also the nearby Helena Thompson museum has loads of details about it.

As the place is a ruin now and a shadow of it's former self, here's a picture of what it once looked like:

And here's a floor plan I found:

On wiih the photos! Depending on how you approach the Hall, you either see the southern side of it or the front.
I saw the side:

The front:

A few interior shots (these are the best I could take as I could find no way in to the place, despite signs of chavs using it for their dirty habits):

A few more exterior:

And finally, a cool looking tree I took a snap of just away from the hall:

Thanks for looking and I apologise if they're the wrong size. All the photos I took there can be found on my deviantart page: http://supertom88.deviantart.com/gallery/