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The Meanwood Beck is a stream in West Yorkshire, England, which flows through Adel, Meanwood and Sheepscar into the River Aire in central Leeds. In older texts it was sometimes referred to as the Sheepscar Beck, however that term has fallen out of use. The beck was a source of water for the village of Headingley and two of its earliest bridges led straight to it. The beck has shrunk considerably over the years as water is collected in the many drains in the centre of one of Britain's largest cities. It provides water and drainage for Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.
In the 16th to 18th centuries it provided power for corn mills[1]. In the 19th century it supplied water for a chemical works and tanneries[1], one of which, Sugarwell Court, is now a university hall of residence.
It suffered a serious pollution incident on 29 March 1999 when an oil tank at the University of Leeds' Bodington Hall was overfilled and 10,000 litres of oil flowed into the Beck.[2] It is also a habitat for the indigenous European crayfish, which is currently threatened in the UK by a plague carried by the Signal Crayfish introduced from America. As well as the crayfish there is also bull head fish present which can be found easliy with a net and a pair of waders, they generally are located on the stream bed in the mud and silt.










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Neat, report. I'm sure this is the one where someone found a dead body or something.

It's a very urban location this one, feels and looks very dangerous.

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Yea that's the one. Don't think the body was ever identified

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^^^ I remember that. Thought it was Phil.d at the time! lol

(it wasn't btw!)

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It was his mate who found the body tho!

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It was Ultrix who found the body (I saw him on Saturday morning when I was in Little London. He had a camera and so I said hello and felt very famous when he knew who I was. I am very sad like that.) I love Meanwood Beck, and feel it is important to get down there soon, because it always looks great.

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Great pics mate its nice to see this place in the dark

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Great set of pics :)

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^^^ I remember that. Thought it was Phil.d at the time! lol

(it wasn't btw!)

Damn, you raised me then dropped me to the floor..:laugh

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Beautiful shots!
Nice bit of useage history in your write up also! :thumb