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06-03-2010, 06:22 PM
I've recently been a cripple I'm afraid, and so haven't been able to do anything any good. What's that? I never do anything good? You'll be reassured this is far from good, and is really a load of rubbish. I feel a fast track to the bin awaits.
Leeds, after almost a century of only having two high buildings has suddenly got some, many of which are connected to the Universities, which is great news for the explorer. However, non of these pictures are from them.
That tower is to do with Leeds Met I think and would be good to go up.

If you've been on a night out in Leeds before, you might recognise the pub at the top of the picture. It is called the Dry Dock and is an old barge.

On this one, the brown rusty building on the right is Broadcasting Place. I think Mex has done a far more exciting explore than this. The one in front is the new Rose Bowl building, a new bit of Leeds Met again. The white clock tower of the Parkinson building of Leeds University is also on the skyline.

A lot of this nonsense was to try out an exciting new purchase, that of a ND8 filter. You can do longer exposures in the day. Like this.

This mad building is the Light Building at Leeds University, taken from the roof of the neighbouring Astbury building.

And for a special treat, a panorama shot featuring non other that Urbex Forum's very own Boxfrenzy taking the previous picture (shot by by gneville.)

A big thanks to Noel Edmonds for flying me around in his helicopter as Mike "Smitty" Smith was busy.