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04-02-2010, 12:20 PM
The Lyric cinema opened in 1922 and finally closed in 1988. Since then it has been used by a number of different busineses including a pole dancing school :thumb

It's always been sealed up tight and alarmed but I have always wondered if anything remained from its days as a cinema. Last night I called in and asked the new owners if I could have a look around. The only remaining bit worth seeing is the foyer, still decorated in the Art Deco style.

The main hall, projection booth and any of the old decoration is long gone and has been replaced with modern office and warehouse fittings, absolutely nothing is left. The new owners are making it into a church, no kidding.

Only posted because it's local and may of interest to Leeds cinema fans. Lots more info on THIS (http://cinematreasures.org/theater/26691/) page.

The outside.


The lovely Art Deco Foyer.