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31-01-2010, 09:50 PM
Well, after waking up to a stunning landscape, i could hardly miss the opportunity so Branston and I took a trip along the coast.


This mausoleum was built in 1766 by the then Lord Deleval to house his only son after he died from complications arising from, as local legend would have it, being rejected rather forcibly by a laundry maid to whom he was giving unwanted attention. She kicked him.... somewhere and his death was a result of complications arising from said kick.
i kid you not.........

Lord Deleval jr was never, as it happens, interred in the crypt that is still accessible underneath the mausoleum, it was never consecrated. Instead, after a while it was turned into a house for one of the workers of the estate. When they moved out, the place has become derelict and no evidence remains of the former inhabitants. In fact, no evidence remains of the roof, the door, the windows or indeed, the stairs that once gave access to the raised platform this imposing little building stands on.

Anyway, on with the pics, this place really did look stunning in the snow!







The Crypt




All in all a lovely little explore.... well, when the people in the adjoining field had stopped shooting that is (Kinda puts you on edge, that)