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30-04-2008, 01:00 PM
The Crag hotel atop Penang Hill first opened for business in 1929 by the famous
Sarkies brothers, these were the same brothers behind such hotels as the Raffles in
Singapore and the Strand hotel in Rangoon.

The Crag saw good business up to the start of WW2, after which it was left abandoned
until 1955. The Upland school then took up residence, it was a school for planters children.
Around the 70's the Upland School relocated to new facilities leaving the Crag abandoned
right up until this day.

The original Crag hotel comprised of several chalets for guests dotted around the main
building, these were all linked by winding pathways and lush planting. The main building
had dinning rooms, entertainment and lounge areas.





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