View Full Version : Archived: Boxfrenzy and the Great Glass Elevator, City Square, Leeds, Jan '09

10-01-2010, 09:24 PM
I wasn't going to bother posting this, but I liked the title of it.
The idea of this was much better than the reality. A trip in a glass elevator on the side of a building on a sunny winter day. It's something to do on a dinnertime.
I can't remember the name of the building (Mex, KE any ideas?)
It's got these metal birds at the bottom, and is in City Square, near Leeds train station.

Myself and a colleague from work (Chris -remember him? He did some photoshop stuff for a tunnel based photograph that appeared in a report a while ago. Yes, he's fine, thanks for asking) marched in, doing our best to look corporate. The three glass lifts were the target. Once in, I pressed the 11 button. The lift was sucked skyward at a terrifying speed.

The top floor was a disaster, as there was no view out. We headed down a floor, which was better for the view. Quickly it became apparent that this wasn't going to be very good as a low sun, dirty windows and extreme reflections would do everything to thwart decent snaps. As you can see.

Still, it was something different to do on a lunch hour. The views were good too.

If you were one of the folk who were in the entrance lobby saying "excuse me, excuse me" as two camera wielding men marched out of the building ignoring you, then sorry. I am not normally so rude.