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Thin Ice
06-01-2010, 06:04 PM
Humber Field Farm, Hessle/ Hull, Report 04/01/10

I know I know, I haven't exactly been pulling my weight even remotely and for a time seemed to have fallen off the face of the world....But Meh.

I found this site when lurking around various sattelite & aerial imaging websites and I was shocked when I found it, all the times I have walked/ cycled or been driven past this very place and never noticed it. I started to think, well these images are close to 2 years old, and on them
someone seemed to be doing something around the site...I would be surprised if anything was
still there.

After an hour juggling with the thought of an explore to a site that probably didn't exist and knowing only "old farm" as something to go off of I set off deciding to give my old Fuji a final official trip. Once I get there terrible mistake no1 becomes apparant when my old Fuji suddenly contracts and suffers from what I can only describe as severe dementia after
numerous settings kept reverting themselves.




I quickly make my way around the farm house part and note that although it looks like it hasn't been used in more than 10 years there was a large GMI (Gas Measuring Instrument) with a maintenance sticker saying it was fine for 2003. I begin to wonder what the hell such a small pastoral/ animal based farm would need with such a gizmo (and why some of the transparant tubes showed evidence of having been fixed around the door frames nearby).



As I looked through the first half of the lower floor it became apparant that the building was in severe structural danger with rotten upper floors and beams with evidence of woodworms. But even though the damage was extensive, what must have been a relic of the days when the farm building
was newer was still there, fireplaces many of them seemingly one per room.




The stables/ animal buildings where mostly in a very bad way with portions of some of the weaker pens having had their roofs collapse on them. Throughout many of the stables/ pens & barns there seemed to be some sort of pipe system in place, in most cases it would leed to what had to have been the food (or water) troughs through out most of the site. On the west side the animal pens had been numbered and on the pen where random numbers the main one I remember being some sort of roman numerals with standard numbers:

32/10/7/74 X




I wonder if this place was some sort of animal breeding farm or research farm as opposed to the more convetional pastoral farm number representing the animals ID number. The only reason I assume the farm name to be Humber Field Farm is based on maps displaying that as the farm name for that very spot on the map. I have done quick searches via the net but turned up
nothing of any real value.

Any additional information would be appreciated. I can only assume at at some point the neighbouring facility (some sort of waste management facility) must have used the old farm site either for storing broken machines or for monitoring purpose in the past presumably
for monitoring gas seepage from their land onto neighbouring sites.

06-01-2010, 06:45 PM
I like the look of this. I like seeing places were people lived :thumb

07-01-2010, 01:48 PM
Nice one TI :thumb

Fairly sure that there's a field marked as "Humber Field" on an old map of Hessle I've seen in Hessle health centre. Next time I'm there, I'll give it a good looking at.

Reckon the gas monitoring is connected to the landfill site at the quarry across the roundabout; there's a landfill near us and there's a few of them tubes popping up in the fields around it.