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27-12-2009, 08:33 PM
The "Lone Tree" has its humble beginings back in the 17th Century and makes it one of Buckinghamshire's oldest pubs.

It was a great "Biker's Pub" friendly and with a warm welcome:thumb
It use to be one of my favourite pubs, which I use to frequent not only for some real Ale, but also for some great Biker meets.

This all came to an end on 26 November 2007, when an electrical fire, started in the roof, burnt the place to the ground:(

Today, the pub has been forgotten, and now lays derelict in its own fenced off side road:( The eerie silence is only broken by the pub sign that squeaks, mournfully & ghostly in the blowing wind:(

Don't know why it has never been rebuilt, as its location is very rural and would make a nice trade from the passing motorists on the nearby A.421.
We live in hope that one day the "Lone Tree" will rise again from its ashes:thumb


The Lone Tree, circa 1919:thumb


The Lone Tree, circa 1991:thumb


The Lone Tree Circa 26 November 2007, after the fire had ripped through her:(


The Lone Tree, circa 27 December, 2009. Now derelict & forgotten:(


Side buildings and overgrown patio/beer garden.


Inside, the main bar area devastated by fire, the building is very unsafe.


The fire did not reach the 400 year old side bar, which still shows its proud English Oak beams complete with flagstone floor:thumb


The varnish has long been worn away by the weather, these 2 chairs stand outside, rescued by firemen:confused:


The silence is only broken, by the faded, rusting sign that swings in the Dusk of the night that is closing in fast! Time to depart and leave the ghosts to there pub:eek:

more pics here: