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26-12-2009, 09:16 AM
St Hilda’s Hospital, Hartlepool was situated on the Headland. It was founded over 700 years ago. Records of a Friary go back to 1258. Franciscan monks treated the sick in both the Friary and their own homes. The Friary was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1546. The Manor House, which is still standing, also known as the Friary, was built in 1605. During the early years of the Poor Laws, in the early 1800s, the Friary was used as a workhouse and also cared for sudden illnesses in the town. St Hildas Hospital (now long gone apart from the Manor House).
The Hospital was expanded so and so untill its closure in 1984. This section is all that remains. Unfortunatly, i dont have the power to slide through bricks, neither does my new (to me) 20D! I'm sure i read somewhere that its a consecrated site and that there is ancient laws that protect it. It makes me wonder why the hospital was demolished around this section. More info and pictures can be seen here.http://portcities.hartlepool.gov.uk/server.php?show=ConNarrative.113&chapterId=288

All that remains...

I believe in the days of the hospital, this was the front.


The Front, in the days of the Friary.