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By the 1880's, Liverpool's dock network was virtually complete. So too was the congestion along the Dock Road, as carriages, omnibuses, lorries, carts and drays all plied the route. Numerous railway crossings which connected goods stations and dockside lines only added to the confusion. With increasing trade, it became clear that passenger traffic had to be isolated from the cargo routes in the interest of efficiency.

An elevated railway had been proposed as early as 1852 but came to nothing. It emerged again, in 1877, when the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board sought permission for a single line with passing loops at stations.

This was rejected as being insufficient to meet the likely needs of the rapidly growing port but, five years later, an improved scheme did receive sanction. Unfortunately, at that time, the company had reviewed its policy towards transporting the public and, once again, nothing was done.

Finally, in 1888, a prominent group of businessmen formed the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company and obtained the Dock Board's powers by an Act of Transfer. Two leading engineers, Sir Douglas Fox and James Henry Greathead, were commissioned to design the railway and work commenced in October 1889.

Amongst the many problems encountered was the decision as to motive power. Steam was considered too dangerous to the many flammable cargoes within range of locomotive sparks.

This was one of the reasons electric traction was chosen, in 1891; other advantages being economy, speed, cleanliness and quiet running. Work was completed in January, 1893, and the line was formally opened on February 4th that year by the Marquis of Salisbury. Public transport commenced on March 6th.

The Overhead was the world's first electric elevated railway and the first to be protected by electric automatic signals. The line stretched from the Seaforth Carriage Shed to Herculaneum Dock, with public services beginning and terminating at Alexandra Dock in the north. There were eleven intermediate stations at Brocklebank, Canada, Sandon, Clarence, Princes, Pier Head, James Street, Custom House, Wapping, Brunswick and Toxteth. However, it was soon found that receipts outside working hours were poor and a decision was taken to extend the line and to tap residential areas. A short extension to Seaforth sands was opened on April 30th, 1894, followed by another to Dingle on December 21, 1896.

Dingle (Park Road) was reached by spanning the Cheshire Lines goods yard with a 200 foot lattice girder bridge and by boring a half-mile tunnel through the sandstone high ground further inland. Thus the Overhead belied its name at the southern terminus, passengers new to Dingle no doubt wondering why they had to descend steps and a subway to gain the platforms of an elevated railway!

solo explore and permission granted off the owner who runs a garage at the end of the tunnel

he also made me aware that if i wasnt back up before 5 o'clock id be locked in which made me worry a little as it was half 3 and the tunnel is 3/4 of a mile long and with loads of kit and lighting i made sure i was back on time ha ha

anyhows......pics.... a few before and after shots first

this is the end of the tunnel where the overhead started
this is what it used to look like
the old site of herculanum dock looking down from on top
and what it used to look like
the stations old enterance
the old way down which is still used to get in and out of the garage
the tunnel start







these were some old stairs left near the end
just nearing the end
the end of the tunnel is bricked up (internal shot of the first pic)
looking back from the end


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ha ha yehh nice one it is a good mooch i was done in after getting out carrying all the gear along that bloody thing worth it though

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I love this place - very nice indeed with all of those old cars as an additional bonus. Very good :thumb

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This looks so good. I want that Citroen van :)

Are they gonna get fed up of people in camo, with backpacks, (and the occasional woolly hat) traipsing through the garage at some point? :lol:

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nah ...they love the attention honestly!!!


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yehh the guys are cool about it just said be back up for 5 when they close ha ha

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Excellent stuff – it was well worth your while carting in the lighting gear. :thumb

14-12-2009, 10:58 PM
nice to see the old cars still sitting rusting away with no changes

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That's superb ... a quality tunnel and interesting junk cars in it too :thumb.

JUNK:w00t That Citroen van is gorgeous :lol:

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heres an old map of the route


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I agree, and felt bad for the blanket label because that alone isn't junk, but I was too lazy to differentiate in my original post :o.

Forgiven :)

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there was a few good cars down there far too many to snap them all given the time i had heres another good-en


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Brilliant.. loved it all.

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cheers all !!!!!!!

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Very nice!
Cant believe how many cars are stuck down there! :D

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Fab pics georgie im lovin all those old cars :thumb

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Yeah nice work, some of those pics remind me of Modern Warfare 2

Great stuff.

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Always great seeing this tunnel & it's contents! Well worth you dragging some kit with you Georgie-your pics are really good mate! The B&W's really add some extra details too-top job! :smclap

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take the ride...

Excellent :smclap

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Always great seeing this tunnel & it's contents! Well worth you dragging some kit with you Georgie-your pics are really good mate! The B&W's really add some extra details too-top job! :smclap

cheers m8 id had nothing to eat all day and near the end i was nearly collapsed a big spotlight 2 hand held trigger torches a small green spotlight a rucksack with various strip lights in ill remember to eat before going here again !